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Fusion Martial Arts - Fusion Yoga  - Fusion Fitness

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Traditional Arts

Muay Thai, Kali, Boxing, Silat, Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu and more are combined into Fusion Martial Arts for a training experience you will find nowhere else

University of Martial Arts

Fusion Martial Arts, Yoga, and Fitness form the core curriculum of our lifestyle program.


The Dojo has been producing competition tested champions for over 20 years. 3 world champions and multiple MMA champions have proven the reality behind the training at The Dojo


The current C.O.B.R.A. 5-week academy is full. Enrollment for the October 5-week has begun. Hurry, spaces are limited.

Classes will be be held Monday and Wednesday from 7-8 PM.

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Where East and West Meet
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It's A Lifestyle

It is our mission to enlighten the Fort Collins community to the mental and physical benefits of comining martial arts, yoga, and fitness into one harmonious discipline. You will find our unique blend of arts and disciplines nowhere else. Finding inspiration and direction from nature, our arts are an expression of a journey towards strength and harmony, with the belief that each individual holds immense potential to become more. 

When entering The Dojo you are entering a different reality. One where you are in pursuit of perfection. Your limitations are self-imposed, but here you can learn to get rid of them. You can find out that you are capable of a lot more than you ever thought. Here you can hone skills you don't know exist. Here they can be brought out. The body has abilities you've never tapped into. Black belts here can take full power strikes to the groin and the throat. We do fire walks, waterfall meditations. We train this way because we love it. There is more to being a person than you've accepted, and society is structured to enforce limitations you've learned to accept. These limitations are comfortable, but this is about breaking free of comfort and limitations to become more than you ever believed possible.

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