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Come join the movement - whether you are seeking self-defense, fitness, martial arts, yoga, or something else, we look forward to meeting you.

Traditional Arts

Muay Thai, Kali, Boxing, Silat, Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu and more are combined into Fusion Martial Arts for a training experience you will find nowhere else

University of Martial Arts

Fusion Martial Arts, Yoga, and Fitness form the core curriculum of our lifestyle program.


The Dojo has been producing competition tested champions for over 20 years. 3 world champions and multiple MMA champions have proven the reality behind the training at The Dojo


The current C.O.B.R.A. 5-week academy is full. Enrollment for the October 5-week has begun. Hurry, spaces are limited.

Classes will be be held Monday and Wednesday from 7-8 PM.

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Where East and West Meet
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The Dojo

2600 Canton Ct, Suite G

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


Directions: From CSU take HWY 287 (College Ave) to Prospect Rd. Turn East (left) on Prospect Rd. Continue past Timberline Rd until you reach Sharp Point Dr. Turn South (right) onto Sharp Point Dr. Continue to Canton Ct, turn West (right) and proceed beyond the cul de sac into the parking lot. The Dojo will be the last door to the West, suite G.

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Contact List:

Email: thedojostaff@thedojofc.com


Care to chat?:

Silas: (970) 443-9425


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