*Schedule is subject to change*


(Modified to allow for Covid-19 requirements).


Monday/Wednesday –
• 5-5:40pm Dojo Kids
• 6-6:40pm Dojo Fitness
• 7-7:40pm Skills Lab

Tuesday/ Thursday
• 11-11:40am Intro to MMA

( C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense 5-weeks will be T/Th at 6pm)
• 7-7:40pm Skills Lab
• 8-9:30pm Fusion



• 6-6:40pm Sila Yoga

• 10:30-11am Slow Stretch

(Zoom Option Available!)

• 11:15am-12pm Sila Yoga


*To schedule a Sila Yoga private lesson send us a message on Facebook!*


The Skills Lab

MMA | Grappling | Traditional Martial Arts

Open to beginners and advanced students alike. Hone your footwork, striking and technique in a fun and upbeat class!


Dojo Fitness

This fun, high energy workout is based on the conditioning techniques used to prepare a fighter to do 3-5 rounds in a cage. This workout is a knock out 40 minutes of bag work, cardio, and isometric training. Fighter conditioning without ever getting hit. If you want to get toned, strong, and fit - this is one not to miss


Sila Yoga

Here is something you haven't tried before: A Silat based yoga system!

Join us to learn the core postures of this unique yoga system. Rooted in traditional Indonesian movement arts.

The intro class is recommended for anyone new to the art. 


Intro to Striking

Learn the basics of striking - pad work in a high energy format. Get a great workout while learning how to strike, evade, and put together combinations.


C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense

Seminar style Self Defense Classes  and Active Shooter Response Seminars available.


5 week & 10 week academies, 

Boot Camps and private instruction available.

Kid's Self Defense

Bully Buster Program

Contact us for more information on the next academy or to set up a self defense class!

Why choose C.O.B.R.A.?

dojo kiddos.jpg

Dojo Kids

The Dojo has one of the most streamlined and innovative kids programs that you can find anywhere. We have combined our COBRA child abduction prevention (CAP) program, Bully Buster program and a modernized martial arts core curriculum into an incredible platform for your children to learn and grow from. Their confidence and self esteem will skyrocket and you will notice a difference within a month. Please contact us now for more information.



Master your ground game at The Dojo. Learn the basics of fighting from the ground using techniques from wrestling, BJJ, Silat and more!


Fusion Martial Arts

This is an advanced class. Fusion explores reality based application of the higher level techniques found in a our favorite arts. This is an eclectic and high impact exploration that includes but is not limited to: Muay Thai, BJJ, Catch Wrestling, Lethwei, Silat, and Kick Boxing. This class also incorporates weapons training.


Fusion Kali

Fusion Kali breaks away from the traditional weapons systems by using MMA as the base art from which our weapons skills are executed. It is fast, powerful, deceptive and very effective. The best part is that it’s also fun and can be learned by anyone.



Wrapping Black Band

Private Instruction

Call or stop in today to learn more.