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Annie - Host of Local Spotlight

Updated: Sep 8, 2017

Hey Everyone! Meet Annie McLaughlin, the host of Local Spotlight on Rough Haus!

What is Local Spotlight?

This segment is about showcasing people, activities, places, and events from the local area.

Local spotlight shines a light on some of the hidden treasures of the area, and invites viewers to participate in opportunities that they may not have known about before.

The focus is on healthy, fun lifestyle changes that help create well-being, strength, and a better future.

A little bit about your host:

Annie is a nature lover, martial artist, fitness enthusiast, explorer, creative seeker, and community builder. She loves exchanging experiences that push boundaries and enhance life. She is seeking out those experiences to share, whether that means learning a new art form, trying a different sport, learning a unique discipline, or hearing the stories of people walking the path less traveled.

"I think that life is better when shared with people you love, and doing things that make you feel alive. That's where Rough Haus and Local Spotlight come in. I want to share that journey with you! 

My goal is to get people to connect. To each other, to their communities, and to nature. Our experiences shape not just us, but the world. So let's set off to make something exceptional!"


Annie enjoys painting & sketching, running, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She is also a self proclaimed animal & wilderness enthusiast, Martial Arts addict, & water lover.

Rank: Second degree black belt in Akumu.

World Grappling Queen of Pancrase Champion, Absolute Division, 2010.

C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Top Gun Instructor H.S. High Jump State Champion 2x (WI) and CSU Track & Field Athlete

B.S. Warner College of Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism, Colorado State University

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