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Matt - Host of Living Fit

Updated: Sep 1, 2017

Matt grew up in a small town in the mountains where he spent most of his time exploring the hills with his dog. He played sports growing up and got into weight lifting as a teenager. He developed a fascination with all of the different ways people trained and started adding diversity to his own routine.

In his mid-twenties Matt began training in the martial arts and they have been a part of his training regimen ever since. It was the variety in the martial arts training that fueled Matt’s interest. Since then he has studied in many different disciplines and now holds black belts in several Japanese systems.

Matt joined Rough Haus with the desire to host a segment that would showcase the different systems trainers and athletes use to get and stay fit. He is excited for this opportunity to learn and share these experiences with a larger group of people!

Matt aspires to help change people's lives by showing them new ways to be healthier and happier.

Matt graduated from CSU with a B.A. in Social Sciences and a Minor in Political Science.

In addition to fitness, Matt is a nature lover who enjoys water skiing, traveling, and exploring the world around him.

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