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Sila Kalari

Sundays at 11:15am and Wednesdays at 7pm

A blend of Indonesian, Tibetan, and Indian arts that come together to form a unique practice.

At the heart are movements that have been studied and perfected throughout different cultures within different martial arts. The yoga practiced by warrior cultures around the world.

Its primary roots can be found in China, Indonesia and Tibet (by way of Silat and other martial arts traditions).  Sila Yoga is yoga and it is also a warrior art.

Sila Yoga is a great compliment to martial arts training. But it is a great stand alone practice too!  Through a combination of breath work, meditation, static and flowing postures, drills for conditioning, balance and more...Sila Yoga is a great way to work the body and the mind. 


We use traditional props like the danda (staff), and sashes to assist in our practice. There is also an overlap between props used for practice and weapons use in the martial arts. Sila Yoga helps us to fine tune the attributes we need to feel strong and in control. 

Balance beam figure 4
Danda clock stretch
Partner half vine
Harimau in the mounatins
After class shot
Buaya in Estes
Sila Yoga
Sila Yoga meets MMA

Sila Yoga is a challenge because it asks you to get outside of our comfort zones. It asks you to master movements you aren't used to doing, maybe ones you aren't even used to seeing! But what makes it challenging is also what makes it fun. And once you learn the fundamentals, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do. Exploring movement and potential is exciting, but surpassing our own expectations is even better! 


Sila Yoga can help you find the art in martial arts, and it is a great segue to some of the other training methods we like to explore, like the fire walk, cold water meditations...and so much more!

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