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Fitness: We’ve Got Your Back!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

by Annie McLaughlin

“Getting in shape” is on most people’s to-do list. Whether it’s for health reasons, self-confidence, or the overall benefits of “being fit”, it’s something most people will agree is important.

So why does it seem like it’s so complicated and overwhelming? If almost everyone wants to do it, why isn’t it simpler to know what to do?

Outdoor training

I think most people can relate to that feeling of walking into a health club and not being quite sure what to do. Which exercises are going to get me the results I want? How many reps, how often, what weight? A lot of good intentions die right there.

It doesn’t have to feel this way. It shouldn’t! I believe that having a community of support and positivity makes all the difference. Fitness is a way of life. Not just for athletes and competitors, but for everyone. It’s a state that determines your energy levels, health, and vigor across the board.

At The Dojo, we create that community and environment for you. It’s so much easier to get your workout in if you know exactly the time you will be setting aside for it each week! Knowing that there are others who will notice if you made it to class adds accountability and helps to motivate on those days you need it. On top of that, you know the other students there, and can count on them to encourage and support you as you make improvements, reach your goals and have fun doing it.

The great thing about kickboxing and martial arts based fitness is it’s easy to forget that you are doing a workout! You get caught up in the changing techniques, your form, the powerful feeling you get from really learning something. You come away feeling like you can take on whatever life throws at you. Those daily tasks seem so much easier to manage after you’ve kicked tail for 40 minutes.

That’s just the fitness class. Every class that is part of our core curriculum is a unique workout. Getting in shape is just one of the by-products of the training. Like I said, it’s a lifestyle. Instead of focusing on the scale and depriving yourself, you are adding something new and exciting to your life.

Most people who walk through the doors of The Dojo tell us that it feels more like a family than just a place to train. There aren’t a lot of big egos or competition. We know that the stronger and happier the others in your life are the more they raise the level for you too. You will find people across all skill and fitness levels are equally welcome. We are in this together, and we like it that way.

We’d love to show you what we are all about! Grab a friend and come in or show up on your own and make a whole lot of new ones. Your first week of training is on us! We want you to enjoy training here as much as we do!

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